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Pinnacles at Nambung National Park

Perth’s city precincts are surrounded by numerous exciting destinations and adventures, such as National Parks, unspoilt beaches and offshore islands, that are suitable for all ages.

In this article, we will focus on a few famous tourist attractions that are suitable to visit as a day trip.

Pinnacles – Nambung National Park

Sit in Nambung National Park, Pinnacles are limestone formed by the deposit of sea shells, dated back million years ago, when the sea receded. The ancient desert sculptures, which some can reach up to 5 m tall, are revealed when the wind blows away the surrounding sands.

From Perth, Pinnacles Desert can be reached easily via the New Indian Ocean Drive, off Wanneroo Road. Total time taken is 195 km | 2 h 19 min.

All vehicles entering the park will need to pay a fee of AUD 11 – 12 dollar. The parking lot is huge and situated beside the Pinnacles Desert Discovery Center, which has an interpretive centre that showcases the history and geology of the surrounding.

There are numerous walking trails from the parking lot, which can lead visitors into the desert from different directions. As the platform are not fenced, visitors are allowed to get close to the Pinnacles sculptures to take a picture. Please respect the Pinnacles and never climb on these sculptures for your own photo collection, might break off due to fragility.

Pinnacles at Nambung National Park
Pinnacles at Nambung National Park

Besides the walking trails, visitors can also drive on the 4km scenic drive, which circulates around the desert. The desert trail is marked with small stones on both sides and not restricted to 4WD. 2WD vehicles are allowed to drive on the trail with no difficulty.

Scenic drive around the Pinnacles Desert
Scenic drive around the Pinnacles Desert

One thing to take note is that the park is covered with lots of annoying houseflies that are trying to stick on the face, especially the lips and eyes, to get moisture from your body. Do not let the houseflies spoilt your mood. Face net is available for sales at the retail shop in the parking lot if you need it.

Rottnest Island

Located 18 kilometres west of Fremantle, Rottnest Island is a perfect paradise to escape from city life, not only for the local but also visitors from all around the world.

Transportation – the island is only a short ferry ride from Fremantle or Perth via Rottnest Express or from Hillarys Boat Harbour with Rottnest Fast Ferries

Rottnest Express at the Jetty
Rottnest Express at the Jetty

Visitors can also choose to fly over by various air transport such as Kookaburra Air, Rottnest Air Taxi or Air Charter West for a different experience.

Getting around

Rottnest Island is only 11km long and 4.5km wide, which make it easy to explore around by foot. For those that will want to have a more relaxing trip, air-condition coach by Island Explorer will be a better option. The coach will drive around the Island and visitors can hop on/hop off at any of the 18 designated bus-stops.

Alternatively, visitors can also hire a bike at Rottnest Island Pedal & Flipper. If cycling is too hectic for some, a combination of bus and bike ride is also possible.

Bus tickets and day passes can be bought at Rottnest Island Visitor Centre.

Things to do

  • Relax on one of the 63 beaches and 20 bays around the Island
  • Join the FREE walking tour guide
  • Cycle around the island using a bike
  • Explore the unique underwater ecosystems at Rottnest Island organise by Underwater Explorer
  • Catch a glimpse of Rottnest Island’s wildlife especially the famous inhabitant, Quokka and New Zealand Fur Seals at Cathedral Rocks
  • Climb the Wadjemup Lighthouse for a spectacular view of the Island
  • Visit the WWII site at Oliver Hill
  • Snorkel and Scuba Dive at some of the famous spots such as Little Salmon Bay, Parker Point and Porpoise Bay
  • Surf at Chicken Reef, Strickland Bay or Ricey Beach
  • Stay for a few days to explore the island at your own pace
  • Walk around the island via the 50km Wadjemup Trail
  • Fishing at Fays Bay or Army Jetty
Quokka at Rottnest Island
Quokka at Rottnest Island
Strolling on the beach
Strolling on the beach
Longreach Bay at Rottnest Island
Longreach Bay at Rottnest Island

Wave Rocks

A natural granite rock that looks like a tall tidal wave, about 15m tall and 110m long. Interpretive signages are placed around the rock, which explains the history and its surrounding.

Beside the Wave Rock, the second attraction along the 1km walking trail, will be the Hippo’s yawn which is an unusually granite that resemble a hippotamus yawning. During spring, the bushland will explode with spring flowers, particularly the Orchids.

Wave Rock at Hyden
Wave Rock at Hyden

Wave Rocks is located in Hyden and can be reached from Perth via State Route 40, follows by Lovering Road and ends with Wave Rock Road. Total time taken is 340 km | 3 h 45 min.

Entrance fee of AUD10 per vehicle is required to enter the park.

18 km | 15 min north of Wave Rock, will be the Humps and Mulka’s Cave, off Lovering Road. Both are massive granites that lurch out of the bushland. Line painting and hand stencils, drawn by the Aboriginal tribe, can be found in the cave.

Day pass for Wave Rock is inclusive of the Humps and Mulka’s Cave. Toilet facility can be found at the entrance of both attractions.

The weather in this area can be quite hot, so water bottle, hat and shade are highly recommended to bring along.

Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach, one of the most popular city beaches in Western Australia, is situated in between Perth and Fremantle’s port. The most accessible route is via Cottesloe Train Station.

The beach stretches about one and a half kilometres of golden sand, alongside with crystal clear water on one end and an esplanade on the other.

The water in Cottlesoe is usually calm, which make it a favourite place for swimming, surfing and other sports activities.

Cottesloe Beach
Cottesloe Beach

The esplanade is a famous picnic spot for families as well as for viewing sunrise/sunset. Occasionally, musical concerts are also held here.

There are restaurants, cafes and bars situated alongside with the esplanade and the beach, which visitors can enjoy a beachside meal.

Penguin Island

The Island is situated 700m offshore from Shoalwater Bay in Rockingham and easily accessible from Perth via Kwinana Freeway, follows by Anketell Rd (right turn), Abercombie Road (left turn), Thomas Road (right turn), Patterson Road (left turn) and end with a left turn into Safety Bay Road. Total time taken is 51.9km | 46 min.

How to get there

  • 5 mins ride via Penguin Island Ferry. Tickets can only be purchased on the day of visit
  • Walk across the Sandbar. Visitors can choose to walk along the Sandbar to the Island but it is not highly recommended especially for inexperienced swimmers.  The current in the water is unpredictable and several fatal accidents have been reported.

Penguin Island is home to 1,200 little penguins but they are not the only star in the area. Other residents such as dolphins, sea lions, stingrays, pelicans and other seabirds can be found in the surrounding water, which makes up The Shoalwater Islands Marine Park.

Coastline along Penguin Island
Coastline along Penguin Island

Besides experiencing the native wildlife in the island, visitors can also participate in sports activities such as Kayaking and Kite Boarding. Click here for online tour booking in Penguin Island.

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